Sunday, January 10, 2010

first student meeting; Bonding & Grouping

Barangay Moonwalk Night School
An Outreach program for Barangay Moonwalk
Out of School Youth
A Community Project Accredited by:
Barangay Captain

This is a community project, accredited by Barangay Moonwalk. Under the leadership of our Barangay Captain HON. Engr. WINNIE ESPLANA.

The Call for an Alternative Income... Because of the increasing number of youth; employment after graduation was more and more becoming very difficult. Most may even resort from vices like liquor, and or worst, drugs; just to escaped boredome, sibbling expections and parental demands. alternative learning activities, like TESDA training are well provided and are excelent, but may be limited to minimal employability, because the training itself is not a stand alone course that may immidiately be a source of income. Services, on the other hand, who are based on skills that are constantly in demand and are easily provided for on the personal level may at least be a very good option. 

II. Philosophy:   “is what a good mother uses in raising her children” 

we believe and adhere on the following: 
1. That all individual can developed their talents. 
2. That talents are developed through productive, planned activities. 
3. That productive activities are GOOD activities that are morally correct and shall be beneficial for both the self and to others. 
4. That productive activities are to be enjoyed not enforce in order to be fruitful. 

III. Objective General: 
To developed an individual with full enthusiasm with hes skills in Barbery. 
To ecourage the use of barbery as a source of alternative income and activity. 

After 3 months of proper training the students will be able to perform the following skills. 
a. Customer admission 
b. Shampooing and blow dry 
c. Proper Draping and Cutting posture 
d. Haircut (Short hair) 
d.1 Barbers Cut 
d.2 Trim Cut 
d.3 Bald and semi bald 
d.4 Layered Cut (simple or Korean razor cut) 
d.5 Undercut d.6 Flat Tops 
e. Haircut (Long Hair) 
e.1 Simple straight cut 
e.2 Layered Cut 
e.3 Shaggy 
e.4 U shape 
e.5 V shape 
f. Shaving and facial massage 
g. Basic massage 

IV. Student Qualifications: 
1. Must be a dedicated resident of Barangay Moonwalk. 
2. 15 to 20 years of age. 
3. Interested and willing to attend night school. 
4. Whos Parents are prepared and willing to cooperate. 
5. Must at least be a high school level. 
6. With no Hands, Eyes and verbal disability or at least be able to cope adequately. 

V. Learning Program Chapter 

I Career Opportunity and History of Barberry Chapter 
II Infection, Safety, Proper Practices Chapter 
III Tools Implements and Standards Chapter 
IV Customer Communication and Relation Chapter 
V Hair and Scalp Anatomy, Related Diseases and Treatment Chapter 
VII Shaving and Facial Massage Chapter 
VIII Simple Body Massage Chapter 
IX Barber Shop Management 

VI. On Job Training and Signing of Skills Form 

VII. Tactical Exam 

VIII. Certificate Graduate Ceremony

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